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Australians simply won’t allow the government to continue ignoring the climate emergency, so we are holding mass actions across the country through November and December. Together we can’t be ignored!


join 468 other Rebels attending actions across australia

join 468

other Rebels attending actions across australia

Dec 2020
10 December 2020 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Brisbane CBD, Post Office Square
Brisbane, NSW 4000 Australia
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Brisbane Mass Action

Join us on Thursday December 10 to take part in defiant, non-violent action and shut down the Brisbane CBD. Bring your friends and family to Post Office Square for a 4pm kick off.

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11 December 2020 All day
Adelaide CBD, Rymill Park
Adelaide, S.A. 5000 Australia
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Adelaide Mass Action

STAYING ALIVE DISCOBEDIENCE ROADBLOCK. The issue is as serious as the future of life on earth, but we will have fun communicating it! Wear your best disco outfit, sunscreen and a matching placard. Bring your friends, plenty of water, and a picnic if you like.

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11 December 2020 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Hobart CBD, Elizabeth Mall
Hobart, TAS 7000 Australia
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Hobart Mass Action

Will you come and tell the 4 dirty banks in Hobart exactly what you think of them and their fossil fuel funding f**kery? Come and join our street party and joyfully, creatively and non-violently disrupt business as usual in our CBD. It’s an emergency and it’s time we let them and the public know that they are climate crisis enablers.

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12 December 2020 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Newcastle CBD, horseshoe beach, horseshoe bend road
Newcastle, NSW 2300 Australia
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Newcastle Port Blockade

THE PEOPLE’S 9th BLOCKADE OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST COAL PORT. Before this year is over we are going to block coal ships with a covid friendly NonViolent flotilla of kayaks! Come along to help build the power of the people to stand up to the big polluters. Everyone is invited. Everyone is needed.

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12 December 2020 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Melbourne CBD, CBD, Melbourne VIC
Melbourne, vic 3000 Australia
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Melbourne Festival of Love and Rage

Doing Nothing Risks Everything! There will be a choice of actions and support roles to participate in on the day. This will be a family friendly, static stall, with arts activities such as T-shirt printing and outreach opportunities (having a chat with the public).

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19 December 2020 All day
Sydney CBD, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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Sydney Mass Action

CBD – Sydney NSW | Saturday December 19
We waited until it is safe and now the time has come to bring the climate crisis back into focus.

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We are at a crossroads

The choices we make now about the shape of the economic recovery may be the most consequential we ever make as a nation.

Federal government wants a return to business-as-usual, with large public investment in dirty energy projects to kickstart the economy. Others are promoting a business-led “green” recovery with fantasies of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But the science is clear this is too late to stabilise the climate. We cannot prioritise economic growth above the lives of our children and future generations. We cannot afford to move by increments anymore.

The climate emergency is upon us and we must act now. A commitment to net zero by 2025 provides us with the best chance – maybe the only chance – of halting permanent climate and ecological collapse. Yet in the wake of the most devastating bushfires in our nation’s history, the government response has been to delegate these monumental decisions to a small group of unrepresentative fossil-fuel elites and their mates.

The science, and the voices of the people continue to be ignored. The notion of a national recovery that consolidates fossil fuel growth is the clearest sign yet that our systems of government are not working. The only solution now is a deepening of democracy. We don’t need a Covid Commission, we need a Citizen’s Assembly to chart the course for a climate-safe recovery. Through the pandemic we have witnessed what we are capable of when we listen to the science, work together, and act fast against an existential threat. We have just lived the truth that what we truly value most is preserving life. And we have seen that another world is possible.

But only the power of the people can make it a reality. Only rebellion can create the momentum for change.

We are on the way to a movement of non-violent mass participation that will change the world. We take action with health-safe, but disruptive, on-the-ground acts of civil disobedience.

Perth Mass Action

27 November 2020 - Perth, W.A. 6000 Australia

Sydney Mass Action

Dec 19, 2020 All day
Sydney CBD
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