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Extinction Rebellion Australia Mass Mobilisation

The Actions working group of the Extinction Rebellion Australia Mass Mobilisation has a mission to empower rebels all around Australia to organize and engage in nonviolent civil disobedience to disrupt business as usual and force the changes that are required to achieve Extinction Rebellion’s demands.

  The Australian Mass Mobilisation Waves of Action

The Australian Mass Mobilisation (AusMM) is a joint project made up of rebels from all across the country, working on the twin tasks of mobilisation and action. The primary goal of the AusMM is to mobilize as many people as possible, from all communities across the country to rebel and carry out disruptive civil disobedience to force the government to accept Extinction Rebellion’s three demands.

The AusMM Actions Working Group is working on empowering groups around the country to take action in three broad waves.

:one: Wave 1: Monthly Local Actions

We are in wave 1 now. This is a period of time in which new and existing local and affinity groups are supported and encouraged to carry out regular actions in and around their local communities.

In this phase, mobilisers are setting up new local groups.
Meanwhile, the AusMM Actions WG is communicating with local groups and affinity groups to help support groups into action.

Some major goals of these local actions are:

  • To have as many as possible autonomous rebel groups with the skills, resources and confidence to carry out increasingly disruptive actions.
  • To make communities aware of the climate and ecological emergency and mobilize them to rebel, thereby building effective rebel groups around the country.
  • To normalize civil disobedience, shifting the overton window to make more radical action and demands socially acceptable.

We are encouraging new or existing groups to start organising regular disruptive actions on Civil Disobedience Saturdays – the first saturday of every month, or at any times that are appropriate to them!

To help this we have made some resources available:

:fire: Wave 1 Actions will continue on throughout the rest of the mass mobilisation, only pausing for needed regen breaks or when the major actions of wave 2 or 3 are being prepared or carrying out.


:two: Wave 2: Major Disruption in Capital Cities

We will disrupt business as usual, with major goals of:

  • :fireworks: Put pressure on governments to respond to our demands.
  • :speech_balloon: Bring the attention of the public and the media back to the climate and ecological emergency and the need to take emergency action.
  • :fist: Demonstrate the power of civil disobedience resist the toxic system that is causing the destruction of our planet, mobilising people across the country to join us.

:zap: The opening salvo of wave 2 will happen before the end of 2020!

:woman_playing_water_polo: These actions will take place from late November to early December.

The exact details of these actions are being worked on now! Make your pledge to get involved!

Due to the short time to leadup to major actions before the end of the year, it is likely that there will be a second, bigger iteration of wave 2 in the first quarter of 2021. This would most likely involve sustained mass disruption over several days or weeks.

:three: Wave 3: Strategic Major Disruption

Wave three will be a major confrontation with the power that runs this country. What this looks like exactly remains to be determined: perhaps rebels from all across the country will pile-on into Sydney to shut down the biggest economic center for a month. Maybe the parliament in Canberra will be brought to a standstill. Maybe affinity groups will be simultaneously swarming fossil fuel infrastructure, or blocking ports or other critical sources of corporate profits.

Who knows? This kind of mass disruption needs the buy-in, and strategic planning of many thousands of rebels from across the country. And we need lots of rebels to be involved.

Wave three will be designed to have a reasonable chance of tipping the boulder of social change to achieve our demands.

:calendar: When will it happen?

Not in the next few months, because we need time for mobilisers to get out and set up hundreds or even thousands of local groups.

But we know that there is not much time left to give us reasonable chance of preserving an ecosystem fit for human and natural prosperity. And we know that regardless of how much we build up the forces of our rebellion, our rebels will disrupt. At a recent discussion of this plan of action, there was 100% consensus to carry out Wave three before the end of 2021.



So let’s get started.

Info & Resources

The Actions Cookbook

If you want some easy action recipes to get your affinity group into action, start here!

Paint the Streets

Paste up, stencil, and otherwise beautify your community with messages calling them to action!

  •  Click HERE to read the Paint the Streets Guide!
  • Saturday arts sessions on zoom: Hang out with other rebels making things, have a cuppa, share tips and resources, ask questions, show us what you’re working on. All welcome!  Click HERE every saturday 3pm AEST.
How-to Actions Guide

Anyone can plan an XR action as long as it is consistent with our Principles and Values. We are all crew. XR UK’s ‘How to Action’ Guide (October 2019) equips and empowers you to plan your own action in your Affinity Group.

The Affinity Group Little Green Book

Starting up a new affinity group?

Find out how with the Affinity Group Little Green Book thanks to XR UK!

Get in touch!

The Actions group of the XR Australia Mass Mobilisation wants to hear from you!


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