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(Wear a mask correctly over your nose and mouth); - Stay within a group of 10 or less; - not come if you present any symptoms, have been in contact with a COVID-positive person, or have been tested COVID positive; - Decontaminate your hands at the start and at the end of the action)
(Please note the art installation is designed to be non-arrestable.)

Which action do you want to be a part of?

Note that there will be other activities happening on the day.

You have the choice of FOUR actions for the day, An Art Stall, A Bike Swarm, A Flotilla on the Yarra, or a Road Block...

Pledge to join the Art Stall action!

This will be a family friendly, static stall, with arts activities such as T-shirt printing and outreach opportunities (having a chat with the public). 

Pledge to join a Bike Swarm!

Flag fluttering behind you, you will ride with your squad along a predetermined route. 

Pledge to join the Flotilla on the Yarra!

The Flotilla will be led by a large pink motorised sail boat plus a smaller pink rowboat, accompanied by people in canoes and kayaks. We will stop near the Princes Bridge and the paddlers will display a message using banners and signs. The action will obey all Covid and water laws and will not be arrestable. It is intended to be light hearted and fun! ​​​

Pledge to join the Roadblock!

With your squad, you will step on a pedestrian crossing with a banner, flags and signs and block the traffic in on-off cycles. This action is for rebels who want to build up their civil disobedience muscles. 

If you want to assist in another way (e.g. being part of another action not listed here) please describe this below:

Do you have any other skills that would make the day fun/better? E.g. musician/sound system, fun costumes, first aid, marketing/media skills, etc.

Flotilla Skills and Roles Selection:

If you already selected "Flotilla on the Yarra":

Bike Swarm Skills and Roles Selection:

If you already selected "Bike Swarm":

Skills and Roles required for all Actions:

This will entail co-ordinating your squad, with support from the action coordinators: contact your squad (10 people), make sure that everyone knows where to meet, what the action will be, assign roles and co-ordinate supply pickup. If you select this, you will receive an email/call with further information. We really appreciate people stepping into this role as it is vital for the action's success.
You will receive training for these roles before  the action. Roles are listed below:
Communicate with the police through the action for your squad
Calming drivers and checking in with people in your squad.
You will be the point of contact within your squad if a media crew comes to your action.
Talking to the public.
Please select your skill / qualification Level

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Sydney Mass Action

Dec 19, 2020 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sydney CBD
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